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Why do I need insurance?

Public liability insurance is vital if you intend to perform magic for the public. Here's a quick lowdown of what it is, what it covers and why every magician should have it.

What is public liability insurance?

This type of performers insurance covers a magician if a spectator or member of the public was to suffer a loss or injury as a result of you performing magic. If a spectator made a claim for compensation, then the insurance could cover the compensation payment plus any legal expenses.

Why is public liability cover a good thing for your spectators?

Even when a magician does everything correctly, there is always the chance that an accident may happen. When you have public liability insurance, you can perform your magic knowing that should the worst happen your spectators property could be repaired, lost or damaged possessions replaced and their medical costs looked after.

What is covered in a public liability claim?

Insurance policies differ between insurance companies and we tailor the policy to your requirements. However, as a guide, the insurance covers your legal responsibility to pay damages to members of the public for death and injury or damage to property or possessions which has resulted from your magicians activities.

For example, if you accidentally knocked over a candle, while performing magic tricks at a table and caused a bad burn on a spectators designer dress, they could make a claim against you for compensation to pay for repairing the damage. Public Liability Insurance means that you will be able to cover cost of the claim along with any legal expenses.

Many venues will require magicians to have insurance.

Venues need public liability insurance. They also expect it from the entertainers they book. A client should ask to see your insurance schedule and documentation before allowing you to perform. You should also have insurance if you intend to perform street magic. Many magicians agents will require you to have sufficient insurance before you can go on their books.

What does it cost.

This is not an easy question as every quote is tailored to you and will depend of where and when you are working along with other factors, but as a start point £1 million of cover is around £2.50 per week (price quoted approximate and correct March 2015). To get a better idea of cost then please talk to us.

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